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Orthodox Wedding Favors Bobonieres

Orthodox Wedding & Baptism Favors Bobonieres

Beautiful hand made Wedding & Baptism Favors (Bobonieres). Made with the Highest Quality, Fresh Sweet Almonds & with many options to choose from including Organza, Tulle, Silk, Swarovski Crystals… Traditionally the Bobonieres are filled with 5 Almonds but can be any indivisible number (3, 5, or 7 but not 9 because it is divisble by 3) of Koufeta (Sweet Almonds). They are indivisible, symbolizing how the newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. Fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste, which represents life. The sugarcoating is added with the hope that the newlyweds life will be more sweet than bitter. The 5 almonds have a significant meaning wishing the new Bride & Groom happiness, health, wealth, children and a long life. One Wedding Favor is given to each guest at the wedding. Tradition holds that if an unmarried woman puts the almonds under her pillow, she’ll dream of her future husband.