6′ Tall Wedding Candle with Flowers

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6′ Tall Wedding Candle with Flowers

$550.00 Per Candle

6′ Tall Orthodox Wedding Candle with High Quality Silk Flowers, Tulle and other Silk Materials.


This Spectacular 6′ Tall Orthodox Wedding Candle is Beautifully decorated with High Quality Silk Flowers, Tulle and additional Silk Materials.

This is one of the two matching Orthodox Wedding candles that are traditionally placed next to the Table used by the Priest during the Sacrament of the Wedding Service. He uses the table to place the Wedding Cup, Wedding Crowns and other essential items for the Service.

Choose From Traditional Designs to More Modern Enhancements. Theo Doro Offers Everything to Compliment Your Style With Matching Wedding Stefana and Wedding Favors. Contact Theo Doro for some Hand Selected suggestions that would Pair Excellently with this Candle and your style.

Traditionally the Service of the Wedding Sacrament uses Two Decorated Candles (One on each side of the Solea) and an Additional Two Smaller Candles that are held in one hand by the Bride and Groom during part of the Wedding. Matching Wedding Crowns (Stefana), Wedding Favors and decorations for the Silver Wedding Tray are also available to complete your Wedding Needs. Contact us with any special requests.

let them shine as stars in the Heavens

That this marriage may be blessed as was that of Cana of Galilee; let us pray to the Lord.

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